Company Profile

Rheem is committed to being a leading supplier of water heating, climate and solar systems in all of its domestic and export markets throughout the Asia and international regions.

The Rheem mission is to deliver products and services which are recognized as the industry benchmark for performance, value and satisfaction with customers, dealers, merchants, project managers and installers.

The Rheem brand of companies has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and manufacturing excellence. Coupled with sound design ergonomics and our commitment towards green energy systems, Rheem is well positioned to serve customers all over the world with renowned hot water and climate systems, suited for the environment, or carefully tailored for special projects.

Rheem Vietnam Limited was established in January 2013 by Rheem Manufacturing Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd and began as a joint venture between the international manufacturing companies Rheem Australia Pty Ltd, Rheem U.S. Holdings Inc., and Paloma Industries (Japan) to service the Asia Pacific region. Rheem Vietnam Limited is located on a plant of 60,000 sqm, with planned expansion underway to 90,000 sqm.

Rheem Vietnam Ltd is engaged in the manufacture, distribution and export of high quality electric storage water heaters and solar heating systems throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.  Rheem Vietnam is strategically located to serve customers in the region with warehousing and distribution centres located within the Asia region to ensure inventory levels are carefully maintained with delivery of heaters provided at short notice.  The timely delivery for each and every order is the Rheem mission.

Rheem water heaters were first introduced into the Asian market over 30 years ago. It has since grown into a well recognised household brand, industry trusted for high quality and reliability within its fleet of products.  As the preferred water heating choice among home owners and project managers within the residential and commercial building market, Rheem is also proud to be among the pioneers to set and maintain tougher industry standards, maintaining the brand’s reputation within the water heating market.

Among the Rheem group of international brand names are Rheem, Solahart, Solar Edwards, Vulcan, Everhot, Aquamax, Raypak, and Paloma. No matter how small or large the project, residential or commercial, Rheem has the industrial strength from a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff, committed to upholding the brand’s strength, quality, reliability and reputation.

Steady, Hot and Strong, Install a Rheem®